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Level 1 : May 10 to 23

Level 2 : May 28 to June 10

Become a Meditation Teacher ONLINE

An affordable and comprehensive training session with Guru Dev OM’s unique approach.

The Meditation Teacher Training is offered in English only.

This unique training allows you to hone your meditation skills and techniques. Rooted in tradition, it’s conveyed in an accessible, contemporary style.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to conceive, develop and run your own meditation sessions.

  • Deepen your understanding of meditation in general, meditative energies and various meditation techniques.

  • Delve deeper into self-discovery and uncover your “higher Self.”

Why attend a meditation training?

  • To reach a deeper meditative state and recreate this unique experience in your daily life.

  • To receive a teaching certification that is valid for life and recognized worldwide (100 Hours Worldwide Meditation Teacher Certificate, Dev OM Foundation).

  • To approach meditation not only in theory, but as a practical experience.

  • To gain the ability to single-handedly create your own courses, workshops, and retreats.

  • To learn the traditional meditation techniques from an internationally recognized master from India.

  • To enjoy an unforgettable experience and grow through memorable encounters.


  • Wholly interactive approach, primarily based on practice.

  • Safe and welcoming venue, where students will feel supported throughout their learning path by Guru Dev OM and his associate teachers.

  • Participants experience each technique as students before learning how to guide others as teachers.

  • After each meditation and interactive theory session, a question and comments period allows future teachers to take part in the training.

  • After practice and experimentation, each meditation is explained and analyzed so that students understand its benefits, its variations and the context in which it’s most recommended.

  • The training area is designed to provide a space in which students feel safe to explore, share, and live their emotions fully, allowing them to reach their objectives in a playful way.

Types of Meditation

Traditional Meditations

As part of the Meditation Teacher Training with Dev OM, students learn various passive and active guided meditation techniques rooted in the ancient Yogic, Tibetan, Sufi Zen, Tantric and Vedic traditions.

Contemporary Meditations

Students discover multiple contemporary mindfulness meditations, such as yoga nidra, laughter yoga, daily mindfulness, sound meditation and nature meditation.



The program also includes several meditations designed to enhance connection with natural elements: moon cycle meditations, 5-element meditation, white light and colour meditation, chakra balancing meditation.



Students have the opportunity to discover and develop their creative meditation abilities through song, dance, mantras, bija mantras, kriyas and kirtan.



Last, the program allows students to explore breathing and meditation techniques to calm the mind and enhance vital energy.

Who is Dev OM?

A true modern-day Guru

A flower it's not a flower until it blossoms

True, authentic, accessible, powerful and pure, his energy simply radiates happiness and joy of living.

He’s an active Himalayan yogi and divine spiritual guide. He travelled more than 30 countries to give lectures. He authored twelve books about spiritual coaching, meditation, chakras, energies and spiritual evolution, half of which are bestsellers.

Throughout his 15 years’ experience, he helped thousands of beginners transform through meditation and open to the light of the heart and spirituality.

His 100 HOURS CERTIFIED MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING mirrors what he is: it is a simple, pure, powerful and divine, yet playful experience — laughter and joy are never left behind.


A unique opportunity to discover your own strength, your inner light and your full potential by connecting to your higher Self.


The course is conceived to allow you to share the beauties of meditation.


Six aspects are covered:

1. Experimentation. You will experience all meditations in two ways: first, as a participant, and then as a teacher.

2. Preparation. You will learn how to conceive a meditation session, from its content to its form.

3. Teaching. You will develop your self-confidence by adding to your repertoire the most efficient and pertinent teaching methods, while developing your unique teaching style.

4. Group management. You will learn how to make your students comfortable and open to meditation by suggesting meditation exercises adapted to the group’s energy.

5. Marketing. You will discover efficient approaches to promote your workshops, programs, retreats and classes. This includes identifying and reaching your target audience.

6. Support. You and your future participants will benefit from all necessary post-training support.

Participants explore all behind-the-scene aspects of a meditation session:

  • How to organize a course;

  • How to create and direct a group’s energy and how to work out their expectations;

  • How to motivate people to open up to meditation, and to simply meditate, both during the session and afterwards;

  • How to create adequate content for a course, a workshop, or a retreat.

Happiness is the biggest magnet of energy.

Free yourself of the past to be present and heal the future

A Typical Day

A typical day includes about 1 hour of theory and 2 hours of practice online with the group.

Each day comprises  3 hours of teaching/practice. Participants will experiment each type of meditation in order to get a taste of its benefits before studying the theory through interactive workshops. The training runs from 7:30 to 11:00.

2 to 4 meditations are taught everyday, where active and passive meditations are a carefully balanced. No, you won’t sit all morning even though you’re meditating! This, among other things, is what you’re about to discover.

7:00: Participants meet-and-greet

7:10 : Workshop 

8h45 : Snack break

9h15 : Workshop

10h30 : Activities end

What’s Included

  • An international meditation master certification (100 or 160 Hours Worldwide Meditation Teacher Certificate by the Dev OM Foundation, an Indian certification recognized worldwide).

  • Two books by Guru Dev OM in electronic format — so you can bring them with you wherever you go.

  • A personal meditation guide conceived by Dosha Yoga.

  • A lifelong energy change, whose benefits you will feel well beyond the training session in your daily life.

  • Lifelong group support.

  • The unique experience of a profound self-discovery process.

  • Authentic and warm teachings by an accessible, yet internationally renowned master.

  • A noticeable improvement in your communication skills, allowing you to express yourself more easily and to understand other from the heart.

  • A noticeable improvement in your communication skills, allowing you to express yourself more easily and to understand other from the heart.

For whom?

This training is designed for yoga teachers, therapists, meditation enthusiasts, as well as anyone who wishes to be initiated to meditation.


Level 1 (100 certified hours): May 10 to 23, 2020 (1 day break May 16)

Level 2 (100 certified hours): May 28 to June 10, 2020 (1 day break June 3) CONTENT :Master Breathwork — Shiva Consciousness — Language of Life)

Where ?


The perfect venue to delve deeply into this self-discovery process and to share your inner light.

YOU HAVE TO ATTEND EVERY SESSIONS TO GET YOU CERTIFICATE. (If you miss 1 or 2 classes, we will give you access to the recorded sessions, but you need to follow the full course.)

In partnership with Claudine Langlois from Dosha Yoga, Montreal.

How much?

Level 1: $ 799 (plus taxes)

Level 2: $ 899 (plus taxes)

Levels 1 + 2: $ 1 500 (plus taxes)

Students who completed Level 1 last year (Montreal or Sherbrooke) will get a discount of 100$

Dev Om formation pour deenir enseignant en méditation

More questions ?

If you still have unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss more about the different elements of the training.

Merci, Vicky