Meditation Teacher Training  



A comprehensive training includes, Mindfulness, Active, Passive, Guided, Chakra meditations and understanding from various traditions with a self-discovery opportunity.



100 hours of meditation teacher training designed especially for those who want to share the beauty and light of meditation with the world and help others transform their lives through meditation.  


Come join us to become an inspiring, trusted and effective teacher trained to teach scientifically proven, time-tested meditation techniques for modern people.

This Training also presents a great opportunity of self-discovery and to understand the meditation, meditative energy flow, synchronicity and your purpose in life, in an in-depth manner. It works as a great program to help you find your inner guru, your inner master and become established in a meditative lifestyle. 

This training is suitable for Yoga teachers, alternative healers, energy therapists, light workers with an established daily practice and for all those dedicated people who want to spread the light of meditation in their and other’s life. We would also like to invite those who have experienced the transformative power of meditation in their own lives or in supporting others through illness or emotionally challenging periods.  

The purpose of this training is help you run your own two to three day meditation retreat, one/two day meditation workshop, 2-4 hours meditation sessions and corporate meditation training. You will learn a range of Guided, Active and Passive meditations including Mindfulness, Vedantic, Tibetan, Sufi, Zen and Vigyan Bhairav practices along with the five elements meditation and chakra healing.

The training includes how to hold meditation groups, how to motivate people to meditate and how to create content and promote your sessions.  You will learn how to handle the energy of participants, how to align their expectations with delivery and how to help them become open and connected with the flow of activities.

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The training is completely hands on with daily practices in designing, developing and taking sessions as both seeker and teacher.  To support your experience and teaching, you will also explore the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation as well as the latest in neurological science.

After the completion of the training the participant will have enough knowledge, understanding, and delivery practice to create different kinds of sessions and retreat.

Each Participant will get:

1. Three books written by Dev OM on Meditation, Chakra Energies and Spirituality.

1. The cosmic energy and chakra - That's about chakra therapy and how to manage your chakra energy naturally and how to connect with the universe and all the natural resources including the five elements.

2. 21 meditations for empowerment - This includes 21 meditations along with the detailed scripts covering different aspects of human consciousness including physical wellness, emotional wellness and mental wellness. 

3. The Light - This is a guidebook helpful for your inner transformation and spiritual growth. It covers the topic ranging from Sadhna, karma, bidirectional consciousness, functioning of mind, and how to become a divine being. 

2. Their own Meditation Master's music library, which includes all kind of music ranging from guided meditation music, active meditation music, passive meditation music, dance music, keertan music, space creation music, and other all kind of required music to hold a workshop and training. 

3. Access to video recordings of the classes of the entire training. 

4. The actual designs for several workshops and retreats based on different scenarios - like program for corporates, program for children, program for women circle, program for general people, program for emotional wellness, program for self love and self healing, and so on.

5. Continuous support and interaction after the training to hold and design your programs, trainings, retreats etc. The Support group will continue to exists.


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It includes 20+ hours of guided internship + Study Submission. The objective of this training is to make the participants able to create and hold a two/three days workshop or retreat. But we give more than that always so that people can have variations. Guided internship and study submission is important because that is the real life act for people when they complete the course and deal with the real people. This would include the interactions with the master and the workshop design creations with him. This would enable the participants to gain the required confidence and skills along with ensuring the smooth delivery.

Who is Dev OM? 

Dev OM is a Himalayan yogi and spiritual guide from India. He has invented ‘Mindfulness with Light. Meditation’ and ‘Circle of Light spiritual phenomena’ along with 20 + guided meditations to address all aspects of human consciousness and emotional problems. He is also an internationally acclaimed author of 12 spiritual and self-help books. His books –‘Beyond Karma’, ‘The Light’, ‘The Cosmic Energy & Chakras’ and ‘21 Meditations for Empowerment’ are best sellers and have shown the path to many seekers.

Since the beginning of his work as a Life Meditation Coach and Spiritual Guide in 2005, he has assisted thousands of people all over the world to discover their spiritual path. He helped them in recognizing and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-evolution.

Born in 1974 in central India, a Networking Engineer and Masters in IT by education, Dev OM took on to the path of meditation and self-discovery in 1997 and kept growing in his quest for ultimate realization. He left his flourishing software exports business in 2003 and moved to the Himalayas to live there, learn and meditate. After 6 years of meditation, experiments and deep inner cleansing he finally got his realization of absolute Oneness and the pure conscious nature of life in November 2009. After that, he was guided to travel around and to learn the mystical nature of life in a normal social structure in the cities. Since then he is traveling around the world to meet and share with people the divine knowledge and wisdom he has received. He is telling people not to leave their worldly life but to have a conscious and fulfilling life. He helps them to achieve the inner state of unshakable peace, love, and joy with his simple yet profound teachings and techniques.

Find out more about Dev OM

Level 2 ( 60 hours)

Master Breathwork Training

It includes breathing techniques from :

  • Vigyan Bhairav

  • Tantra

  • Sufi

  • Yogic  

  • Power breathwork

  • Zen breathing

  • Mindful breathwork etc...


A total of 25+ techniques!  


These breathwork techniques are very powerful, which take the practitioner from his/her external physical awareness/mindfulness to the deeper connection of the consciousness and then giving the experiences of connection/oneness/synchronicity. These are also very quick and strong techniques for corporate trainings and to deal with people who are very mind-oriented and have difficulty experiencing subtle things or energy flows. No-one can deny the breath and they feel the immediate meditative/mindfulness effect. This training provides you with extra 25 meditation techniques and tools which are powerful, quick and works great in the corporates, companies and with those people who are new to meditation or do not believe in energies, etc. These breathwork techniques give them immediate experience and calm down their mind within minutes

Advanced techniques of Sufi and Shiva Consciousness

Help you to:

  • Invoke the ‘inner being of light’

  • Invoke the unlimited flow of Divine energy and blessings.

  • Receive empowerment and wisdom to handle daily life situations in much divine manner.

  • Experience deep cleansing on physical, emotional and energy level.

Language of Life

Helps you to:

  • Manifest positive energies around you

  • Make truthful and helpful connections

  • Make effective & satisfactory communication to people

  • Express freely and genuinely

  • Develop empathy and compassion

  • Improve intuition and understanding

  • Develop emotional wellness & maturity

  • Develop deep connection with your own feelings and needs

  • Develop true self-love and self-respect


Level 1 (100 hours) : July 5th to July 11th 2020 

Level 2 (60 heures certifiées) : July 13th to 16th July 2020 


At the beautiful Jala Yoga Studio, in Deauville. Bring your swimsuit to take a swim or a SUP ride in the river at lunch time. 


LEVEL 1 : 1 350$ ( 1 250$ before March 15th)

LEVEL 2 : 850$ ( 750$ before March 15th)

LEVEL 1 + 2 : 2 000$ ( 1 900$ before March 15th)

Early birds (before March 15th)

LEVEL 1 :  1 250$ 

LEVEL 2 : 750$ 

LEVEL 1 + 2 : 1 900$ 

Register now by minimum, non-refundable deposit of $750 Canadien Dollar or full payment by either:

Non-refundable deposit unless canceled by the organizers


Full payment is expected by June 28th



The course is designed to support newcomers and beginners curious about meditation and self-knowledge, as well as experienced meditators. The course will precisely help you to define or deepen an authentic spiritual practice in your life.

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Happiness is the biggest magnet of energy.

Free yourself from the past to be present and heal the future   

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